Clotilde Garnier was born in 1970 into an artistic family. After finishing high school in France, she travelled to the USA to work as an au pair. It was in New York that she met a professional make-up artist, who introduced her to the art. Once back in Paris, Clotilde enrolled in art training in order to further her skills.

As a perfectionist and dedicated professional, Clotilde chose to complete her studies with classes in hair styling.

A versatile artist, she feels comfortable in many creative fields. Clotilde particularly enjoys enhancing and highlighting facial beauty through shadow and light, to provide a subtle alchemy for the photographer.

As a freelancer based in Paris, Clotilde has been practicing her art for 16 years now, working with the media, advertising and fashion worlds, as well as supporting events and weddings.

The quality of her work and her relationship skills are fully recognized and valued in the industry. Clotilde has managed to find her own artistic style and successfully establish it in the select world of professional make-up artists.